Create, deploy and run your production network in a cyber range on-demand with

TSI's Cyber Range as a Service®

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True Hyperconvergence

TSI's Cyber Range as a Service® uses CloudShell and Cypherpath SDI OS to deliver true hyper-convergence by integrating compute, networking and storage at the OS level. Aggregate resources across multiple hardware boxes into one pool to support your Cyber Cloud.

Seamless Cloud

Deploy your cyber infrastructure on private or managed public bare metal for seamless and consistent cloud operations. Create, deploy and run clouds on or off premise anytime, anywhere with support for most native hyper-visors.

Cyber Range as a file

Each cyber infrastructure cloud is isolated and executed as its own file and is treated just like a document so it can be edited,  copied, shared, and backed up. Spin up Cyber test environments use them and then tear them down in less than a minute. 

Self Service Portal

Manage and administrate operations graphically. Drive IT and cyber automation operations with point and click simplicity. Eliminate special skills while increasing efficiency and performance.

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Current Customers

Cyber DoD group- "TSI's Cyber Range as a Service makes it very easy to deploy rapidly exact production replicas for cyber activities we perform on a daily basis. Being able to spin up our environments for training or an exercise with a single button click has changed our lives!"
ManTech International - "The ease and simplicity of modifying, dynamically provisioning, and managing thousands of infrastructures at a time is a game changer for our operations"
Liberty University -  "Cypherpath with TSI's support and Blackboard integration has allowed us to offer a superior training environment for our students. TSI has gone the extra mile in support of the online lab environment for our Master's program in Cyber Security, responding quickly to issues and working hard to ensure smooth delivery of our content."  

News & Awards

TSI is awarded a registered trademark for Cyber Range as a Service®- TSI a leader in delivering solutions for LaaS, IaaS, PaaS, TaaS and DevOpsaaS has been issued a registered trademark from the USA as of July 2019 for combining CloudShell and Cypherpath solutions into a unique high performing solution for Cyber Range implementations of all kinds. 
CloudShell wins CloudComputing's 2019 best cloud tool Award - CloudShell was voted as the winner in CloudComputing's best tool award for the third year in a row!

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