Extreme Connectivity for Breathtaking Performance

Create Your Next Data Center with GigaIO’s FabreX

For your most demanding workloads, you need a faster way to network all of today’s diverse resources. The GigaIO hyper-performance network breaks the constraints of old architectures, opening up new configuration possibilities to maximize utilization of all elements within your advanced scale computing systems.



  • True disaggregation with dynamic composability

  • Configure and use exactly the system you need

  • Locate elements anywhere in the fabric

  • Recompose as needed on the fly

  • Support legacy infrastructure

Breathtaking Performance

  • Strips away conversion and overhead layer with 100% PCI Express interconnect

  • Full end-to-end latency below 500 nanoseconds

  • Throughput of 128Gbit/sec, moving to 256Gbit/sec with a path to 512Gbit/sec in PCIe Gen 5

Do More

With Less

  • Less complexity

  • Less power and cooling

  • Less expense

  • Less support time

  • Less admin time

  • Less time managing lab

  • Less costly infrastructure



  • 100% compliant with PCI SIG

  • Forward and backward compatible

  • Protect and enhance your investment

  • Open-source software and APIs

  • CloudShell Self-Service Portal for Scheduling and managing infrastructure

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